Depeche Mode concert in Phoenix, Arizona on September 27, 2017

Not all songs were recoreded but here are some videos to download:

(Right click on the link and select "Save target as..")

Going Backwards

Barrel of a Gun

A Pain That I'm Used To

World in My Eyes

A Question of Lust


Everything Counts


Enjoy the Silence

Never Let Me Down Again

Encore songs...



Personal Jesus

Monster Jam in Glendale, Arizona on October 7, 2017

Click on a name of a monster truck to view the clip

WARNING!! The volume might be turned all the way up so turn it down before you play it

2 wheel competition

Black Ops

Wild Flower

Time Flys


Wonder Woman

Hot Wheels

Son-Uva Digger

Max D

Freestyle Competition

Wonder Woman

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